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The top 10 things to do in Jupiter Florida

We own and operate a boutique real estate brokerage and when we named our firm we were blessed to come up with Paradise Sharks. We truly live in paradise and always on the hunt, not only for great homes for our clients, but for places to enjoy life. Our lifestyle is world class and even though this list could be much, much longer we wanted to share some of our secrets with those who might be visiting for the very first time. If you are here for a week there is plenty of time and you will leave very satisfied and amazed. If you decide you want more of Jupiter Florida then we should talk.

In no particular order here are 10 things that should be on your “must do” list while in Jupiter Florida;

Watch the sun come up at Coral Cove Park – head over the south bridge to Jupiter Island, make the corner heading north on Beach Road and soon you will hit Coral Cove Park. Sure there is about 600 feet of Intracoastal Beach on the Indian River but you will want to make your way to the 2,600 feet of beachfront playground along the Atlantic Ocean. You want to get up early and be on the sand about 10 minutes before the sun rises. Bring chairs, bring Bloody Mary’s, bring mimosas, bring a croissant with raspberry jam from Nina’s Fresh Bakery, bring whatever you want but set a spell. The sea is a magical place and watching a new day dawn among the limestone formations is a spiritual experience. Bring your suits and spend some time as life truly does not get any better. http://www.ninasfreshbakery.com


Snorkel under the bridge to Jupiter Island – Our inlet is so full of life those who do not take the time to look under the water are missing so much. Once again you will want to take Bridge Road over to Jupiter Island but this time stop short of the bridge and park on the shoulder. Walk down to the river from the south side of the road and again bring your chairs, towels, suits, music, snorkels, and bring frozen daiquiris or margaritas you are keeping cold in that amazing Engel cooler. You bought that because you know it is just another great piece of the Jupiter family. You are at Cato’s Bridge that is definitely old Jupiter. Just act like you know and you’ll fit right in. Get to know the tidal schedule as you want to go while the tide is coming in; about an hour or two before high tide. The water will be it’s bluest for the next few hours and your best snorkeling will be during the slack tide. The last time we were in the water here a huge manatee swam inches from my face. Watch the kids hanging and dropping as the draw bridge goes up. A little slice of old Jupiter, and that blue water which is a huge part of what Jupiter is all about. We use the Tides app for the most accurate information on the tidal schedules. http://www.engelcoolers.com


Happy hour and dinner at Lynora’s – OK this is a new one but so good it represents what the best of the new Jupiter is all about. Boutique Italian restaurant who has been blessing Palm Beach County with their food since 1976. The Jupiter location is new and amazing but you better arrive early. If you do not have a seat at the bar by 4:30 you will probably be shut out. The food is enticing and delicious as is the vibe. Last night one of our biggest sports celebrity residents was in the house so you just never know who you might run into. We think food is a huge part of living and Lynora’s is a top choice for an evening out. Uber there, drink a lot of wine, and Uber home. Thank Angelo and his team because you are going to have a blast. http://www.lynoras.com/jupiter/


Canoe the north fork of The Loxahatchee River to Trapper Nelson’s – do this to experience what Florida once was. Start this journey at Jonathan Dickinson State Park that you will find on US1 between Jupiter and Hobe Sound. An incredible state park to explore but you want to go rent a canoe, or if you want to be a little less active there is a boat tour on the Loxahatchee Queen. If you want to be more active rent a paddle board. Everything you need is right here. Spend the day and head up to the end of the river at Trapper Nelson’s camp. The beauty, the history, this is old school Jupiter that too few ever see but maybe that’s a good thing. If you like to read then pick up a copy of Life and Death on the Loxahatchee. If you have the opportunity, read it before you make this trip. Highly recommend spending a few hours experiencing this amazing location. http://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Jonathan-Dickinson


Check out the turtles at Loggerhead Marinelife Center – the turtles are a huge part of life here in Jupiter and a visit to this Juno Beach institution should be on your agenda while in town. AMAZING organization dedicated to the conservation of ocean ecosystems with a special focus on threatened and endangered sea turtles. They save turtles, they protect their nests, they even have eco adventures and enough programs to keep you busy for days. Stop by, check it out, and see what these people do daily to improve our sea, our world and the world of turtles. If you are a donating person then here is a group that deserves you digging into your pocket as this is a special place filled with special people. http://www.marinelife.org


High tide at Blowing Rocks – get out the Tide app from your snorkeling adventure as you want to be here as we reach high tide. The Nature Conservatory has spent well over 50 years protecting great places in Florida and Blowing Rocks at high tide must be seen. Similar, but far more grand, to the limestone formations you saw at sunrise at Coral Cove can be found here. Incoming water is forced through these formations and you are going to want to get your camera out as the plumes can reach 50 feet and higher. Bring your chairs, enjoy the show. It is a good one. http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/florida/placesweprotect/blowing-rocks-preserve.xml


Cocktails and a little live music at the Square Grouper – We love to enjoy life and part of that is a cold drink, water, sand beaches, tiki huts and live music. No place do these things come together in a better mix. Alan Jackson filmed the music video to his massive hit “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” here and that is all we truly need to say. Things have changed since then and to me bigger is hardly ever better but they have done a great job of keeping this the best little (but bigger) bar in paradise. If The Helmsmen are in town and you can catch them they too are part of what is really good about the new Jupiter Florida. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPCjC543llU


Lunch, dinner, anything at Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill – Head down to this landmark restaurant that remains pretty much how it has been for years and years. Ross has blessed us with this treasure by the sea that we hope never changes. Have the peppered blueberry tuna please. Nothing can tell you more about this funky place with amazing food than this Check Please episode featuring a younger Paradise Shark. Old Jupiter just doesn’t taste any better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZTodqIH3fA


Hang at the inlet in Dubois Park – on the south side of the Jupiter Inlet this is the place to reflect on life and the Jupiter lifestyle. Watch the boats come and go in what can be a very treacherous inlet. Look over to Jupiter Inlet Colony, swim in the lagoon but the best thing is to grab a seat, watch the boats, watch the water and relax. Life is indeed very, very good in Jupiter.


Moonrise on Jupiter Beach – Nothing defines Jupiter more than our beach. Truly one of the most beautiful undeveloped stretches of sand you will find anywhere. Find a night the moon is rising after sunset by at least 1/2 hour. You will once again want your best beach chairs and some very good red wine. Spend a few hours, be thankful for what the good Lord has provided us. Decide right then to get involved and do your part to protect this amazing earth. We hope our Jupiter Town Council does their share here on the local level. If you feel like another donation then the Friends of Jupiter Beach is another most worthwhile organization. If you are here on a weekend they are doing a beach cleanup then go and make some new friends. If they are here they love Jupiter, are amazing people for giving back, and a big reason Jupiter Florida is so very, very special. http://www.friendsofjupiterbeach.org


Jupiter Florida is an amazing place to visit and if you can get in as many of these as possible you will enjoy yourself even more. Jupiter is an even better place to live. Paradise is a choice and it you want to look into a more permanent place in the Florida sun Paradise Sharks would love to help educate you on your options. We publish weekly articles on the local real estate market that you can always read at tompriester.wordpress.com. Reach out to us anytime at 561.308.0175 or info@paradisesharks.com. We love Jupiter and hope you will too.


Fins up…….