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Jupiter home prices soar to new highs

Pay attention to what has been happening to the value of your home if you happen to live in Jupiter, Florida or anywhere in the Northern Palm Beaches. As of May 1st, the median price of a single family home is up strong for the 3rd straight monthly increase.


Over the past month, that median price of a single family home in the Jupiter area was up another 2.8% and for the first time since 2006 was above $450,000. At this moment, we sit at a brand new 11 year high of $451,000. One year ago today that median price was $420,000. We are up 7.4%.

Prices have been pushed higher by strong seasonal home buying and inventory that is not of the highest quality. Anyone out shopping for a home can tell you the pickings are slim. And prices are being pushed skyward.

What happens from here depends on so many factors. If you are even contemplating buying, or selling, in today’s real estate market your best bet is to be armed with information. Interview at least three real estate brokers and decide who you are going to trust helping you make a very important financial decision. Paradise Sharks is always honored to be invited to an interview. You can reach us anytime at info@paradisesharks.com or 561.308.0175.


Fins up…..