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Duke's Lazy Loggerhead Cafe in Jupiter is THE Place

Lazy Loggerhead Customers Know Small is Beautiful

As our clients here at Paradise Sharks know,  small is beautiful and the same goes for the best breakfast spots here in Jupiter. Sure, you could go over to one of the major chains like International House of Pancakes but if you were looking for excellent quality and great prices those in the know will head straight to the beach here in Jupiter to Duke's Lazy Loggerhead Cafe. Small is the new big!

Duke's first opened back in 1998 and Jennifer and Brian have owned the spot since 2003. They care about the quality of the food and their customers. Small is the new big when it comes to the best dining on the beach in Jupiter. The Lazy Loggerhead is open for both breakfast and lunch from 8:00 to 2:30 every day of the week. So often when the location is great you wonder about the food but here at the Lazy Loggerhead Cafe you had better come hungry and during the season you better come early as there will be a line. And believe me they are coming for the food.

The coffee is hot, the food is excellent and if you haven't ever experienced Duke's at Jupiter Beach then head on over to Carlin Park get your order in and become their newest fan. If you are crazy about that Ginger Chicken Salad like I am you'll be "sneaking back" a lot! Remember small is beautiful so when you think of breakfast think of Duke's and when you think of real estate think of Paradise Sharks. After all, you can pay more to the big guys and receive less but that just would not make any sense. Would it?

Fins up.......

Tom Priester
Principal Broker

Paradise Sharks Real Estate