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Abacoa home prices continue to climb

Way back in 1995 when Divosta broke ground on the 2,055 acre site, you knew Abacoa was going to change the face of Jupiter. With last weeks approval of a $22 million dollar bowling and movie complex in downtown Abacoa the changes continue. Perhaps the most important thing about Abacoa this year is the fact there are no more homes for DiVosta to build. They are pretty much wrapped up with a 22 year project.


Roger Dean Stadium opened their gates for baseball fans back in 1998. The first residents moved into their homes in 1999. Town Center brought “downtown” to the area in 2001. Movie theaters have been built, torn down and now are being built again. Heck, they even have their own University. The people of Florida invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Scripps Institute “Incentive Fund”. There have been successes and failures.

No doubt one of the successes is the fact Abacoa is a great place to call home. Over 6,000 residents and the price to live there continues to climb. Remember those record prices back in 2005 and 2006? Well the rest of the Northern Palm Beaches are still trying to get back to those numbers. Not in Abacoa. Prices are at record highs right now.

As of today, the median single family home price in Abacoa for 2017 sits at $621,500. Consider that last year the median price for the community was at $530,000. That’s a more than impressive 17% jump and puts us well ahead of the previous “record” of $586,000 set back in 2006.

Can prices continue to rise? Well supply has been shut off with DiVosta selling the last home. New construction in other communities, with less favorable locations, is even more expensive. Abacoa remains one of the best places to live in Jupiter for residents of all ages. Great schools, the shops and restaurants downtown are starting to get a mix that works. Bowling is coming. Successful outdoor concerts are being held, Festivals, baseball and of course, close proximity to the beach.

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