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Record breaking Jupiter single family home sales

Anyone who watches real estate here in paradise knows that Jupiter single family home sales are almost always strongest in the month of June. Not condominiums mind you. Their best month is almost always April. This year is no different, but it is.

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Let me explain. Once again this year, June brought us the highest number of Jupiter single family home sales. It would be a very strong market ahead if there was any chance of another month eclipsing June’s total sales. It’s just not going to happen. Since 2010 only once has another month edged out June for the strongest sales month and that was way back in 2011. It almost always happens.

It happened again this year, but this year is different. You see never, have we had a month of Jupiter single family home sales like June of this year. Ever, like in history. More Jupiter single family home sales closed in June 2017 than in any single month in history. That is an amazing statistic and just another reason prices have been on the rise.

Paradise Sharks has been telling you about the amazing run up in Jupiter area home prices over the past 6 months. The median price of a single family home in the area has shot straight up. Up almost 10% from $426,600 on February 1st to $467,500 today. Strong sales in June kept this streak going.

Just like condominium sales are not the same as single family home sales, your house is different from your friends down the street. The market for each single property is unique and if you are selling, or buying, you need to understand the specific numbers surrounding that property. It’s why Paradise Sharks is different. We do not want to sell you, we want to educate you. An investment in knowledge always pays the best return. If we can ever help educate you please feel free to contact us at 561.308.0175 or tom@paradisesharks.com.


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