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Why would we want to do anything else?

Paradise Sharks has a few tag lines we like to use. One of them is we are different…..by design. And we are damn proud of it.

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Our passion is to raise both the quality and value of real estate services available to everyone. Tailor our services to the needs of the client. To be efficient. To give back. We just closed another transaction last week and the picture is from the closing statement. Credit from Paradise SharksReal Estate $14,000. Yes, we gave our clients a $14,000 credit and guess what? They did not even ask for it. We just did it.

How does that happen you might wonder. It is really quite simple. We do it all the time. This particular client always calls us when they need anything real estate. In return, we try to provide them a quality real estate experience and hope they look back and think “why would anyone even consider using anybody but Paradise Sharks”. They had a particular need and a very tight timeline. There were very few opportunities that would work and they were expensive. We recognized putting together the funds to close the deal was not going to be an easy task for them. Our investment of time was not excessive and we knew we could help. So when they pulled the trigger, so did we. We just told them they had a $14,000 credit coming from Paradise Sharks on the closing statement. They didn’t ask, we just did it.

They were thankful. They remain thankful. And so do we. We cherish the relationship. We are thankful for their business. We look at that closing statement and it brings a smile to our face. We gave away $14,000 to help someone and they didn’t even have to ask. Indeed, it is much better to give than receive. When we can, we just do. You see we look at real estate differently. How much time did we need to invest. How much value we bring to our clients. It is how we roll. Different…..by design.

Real estate is our passion. We are different…..by design. Why would we want to do anything else? If we can ever show you how we roll and be of help please feel free to contact us at tom@paradisesharks.com or 561.308.0175.


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