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How not to sell your home

Whenever doing anything real estate, interview at least three brokers and ask a whole bunch of questions. This week, Paradise Sharks represented a cash client and made an offer on a condo in a development where nothing was under contract and inventory, based on 12 month sales volume, is at 16 months. This listing has been on the market almost 200 days. Yes, since April.

good agent

We made a very, very clean, solid cash offer with closing in two weeks and a short inspection period. The offer was within $10,000 of list price and in line with market pricing. My client would have come up if needed.

We submitted the offer, left messages for the agent who is with a large, well known brokerage. Evidently, they were too busy to be bothered and told us to deal with their assistant who left me messages that made no sense. I left rather straight to the point feedback and received a message from the listing agent we would have an answer the next day by noon.

The answer never came. I asked my client if he wanted me to push the issue as I know the managing broker and owner of this office and was happy to lay it on both of their desks. He said no, let’s just go out and find something better. So we did and are already under contract on another property.

If you just assume your Realtor with a “team” of assistants and a big name brokerage is taking care of your listing be very careful. This one just cost his client, who has been waiting since April, a sale.

Always interview, ask lots of questions and make informed real estate decisions and if Paradise Sharks can ever of help please feel free to contact me directly at tom@paradisesharks.com or 561.308.0175.

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