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If you are thinking about selling your Jupiter home.....NOW is the tim

The past year has certainly been full of challenges in the Northern Palm Beaches real estate market. As we limp into 2018, breaking rule after rule, there is pretty much one rule that never gets broken. The best time to sell your Jupiter home. The time is here. And if you are thinking about selling yours, you better start planning as the clock is ticking. And it is ticking very quickly with a window of opportunity that won’t be around much longer.


Almost always, seasonal home buying starts picking up right about the middle of January. Condo buyers act first, with single family buyers following close behind. April is typically the month we see the most Jupiter condos sell, with both March and May not too far behind. The time span between writing an offer and closing will usually run somewhere in the 30 to 45 day range. This means condo buyers are making the most offers between January 15th and May 1st. Without question, if you are selling a Jupiter area condo you want it to be on the market, professionally marketed, by January 15th.

The single family home market is a bit different and we see closings pick up significantly in March, strong in both April and May, but is almost always June when we see the most closings. July is also a great month for single family home sales. Using the sale 30 to 45 time period between writing a contract and closing the date you want your Jupiter single family home on the market is February 15th.

Paradise Sharks firmly believes that anybody contemplating the sale of a Jupiter home should interview at least three brokers and ask a lot of questions. Today’s buyer is well informed, educated and shopping on line. The name of your broker doesn’t mean anything. How your home looks on line means everything. Knowing how the Internet works and making sure your home is where it needs to be looking like a polished diamond is the key to getting your best price. Always Google the brokers you are interviewing. If they do not have a huge Internet presence the chances are your home won’t either.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, so make sure your questions include what the broker is going to charge you. Ask to see how they marketed their last 6 listings and what was the outcome. Interviewing, asking questions, making decisions, getting your property show ready and scheduling professional photographers takes time. If you want to sell a condo you are running out of time and if you want to sell a single family home you better get started.

Your home needs to look like the prettiest girl at the ball, and someone to tell the world about it, for you to get your best price. Paradise Sharks loves making properties look amazing and we set record prices all the time. Even better, we never charge a total commission higher than 5% and usually can do better. If you are interviewing we would like to apply for the opportunity to set a record price for you. You can reach us any time at 561.308.0175 or tom@paradisesharks.com.


Fins up……