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Interest rates shoot to multi year highs

The average overnight rate on a conforming 30 year mortgage just shot up again for the 4th straight week. It was another big move higher, with a 9 basis point bump up to 4.18%. In that short 28 day period, the cost of borrowing money for a home has jumped about 9%. Or put another way, a qualified buyer with a pre-approval has to look for a lower purchase price to keep their payments in line with their budget.

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Think way back to October 2, 2016. On that date, the average overnight rate on the same 30 year mortgage sat at an all time low of 3.35%. Today’s cost of borrowing money has jumped almost 25% from that number. If you don’t think interest rates have an impact on home prices you are wrong. Especially when they start moving higher at accelerated paces.

Sure, that all time record low was 70 weeks ago, but you have to go back further, much further, to find a date when interest rates were higher. You have to go all the way back, 132 weeks to July 26, 2015, to find a date when the costs of borrowing money were higher. That’s a record home buyers wish we didn’t break.

Last year we sat and watched the Fed raise rates three times and the mortgage markets paid no attention. Mortgage rates actually declined. But in 2018 we are seeing movement that we have not seen in a long, long time. Compounding the recent increases is the fact many experts feel the Fed will be forced to raise rates faster than expected to deal with an accelerating economy.

Higher interest rates will impact many things. Home sales, home prices and don’t forget the stock market. After historic rises in the Dow Industrials, many will start looking for better future returns outside of the equity markets.

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