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How to sell your home for a record price and pay a 4.5% commission

Seasonal home buying in the Jupiter area still has some time, but the clock is ticking. The very best time to sell a condo in the Northern Palm Beaches this year is almost over. The best time to sell a single family home ends in about 2 months.

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Paradise Sharks just closed this morning on a great little condo that we listed for a client in Tequesta. We set a record sales price and kept their expenses low. They are getting a bigger check today and that makes us proud. We love setting sales price records. We love our clients walking away from the closing table with more money in their pocket.

In this case, you can go back years, and years, and years and you will find that 68 times real estate brokers have marketed this exact floor plan and nobody has achieved the price we did. In all honesty, only one other broker even came close. We also have an amazing firm doing the title and closing work for a fee too low to even tell you about. NEVER do we charge our clients over a 5% total commission. Record prices and value because our focus is our customer. Of course, we do not have to pay stuff like franchise fees, broker splits or other expenses, so we do have an advantage. Being boutique is our special sauce. You can always pay more and get less but that just plain doesn’t make any sense. Not to a Paradise Shark.

Over the past year, in this community 9 other times real estate brokers have sold this very same floor plan. Our client just closed at a price over 16% higher than the second highest sale price. They walked away with almost 33% more than the median sales price. We brought in world class photographers and marketed like we do. We only charged our client 5%. We charged less and they got more. They got world class marketing, a record sales price, lower expenses and a bigger check at closing.

However, we know we can do even better. Paradise Sharks needs listings. Ours are just selling too fast. We want to set some more record sales prices. So, through the end of May we are running this fantastic special and are only going to charge a maximum 4.5% total commission for anyone who lists a property for sale, anywhere in Palm Beach or Martin County with Paradise Sharks. From today through May 31st we are going to charge a maximum total commission of 4.5%. Simple as that.

Paradise Sharks does not sell, we educate. We tell everyone to interview at least three brokers and ask a lot of questions. Ask to see their last 6 listings. Look at the pictures. Read the descriptions. Paradise Sharks only uses descriptions written by published authors. When interviewing ask how many record prices they have set recently. Ask what they charge. Are there any other fees? What are your closing costs going to be? And by all means Google them. Over 90% of all buyers shop online before calling a real estate broker. If your home doesn’t shine on line then you are missing what it takes to attracts over 90% of all buyers.

Google us. Google them. 4.5% maximum commission through May 31st. Contact Paradise Sharksanytime at tom@paradisesharks.com or 561.308.0175 for a complimentary consultation. We are not the broker for everyone. But if you want world class marketing, record sale prices and a broker focused on your goals and not theirs, we may just be the broker for you.


Fins up for 4.5% maximum commissions…….