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Hey Shark just what is this "Complimentary Consultation"

Easiest way to see a shark dip his fin into the wallet.....

Just today I received an e-mail about an informal meeting we have coming up that stated it lasted about 45 minutes and is usually over "coffee or cocktails". You can bet which one I chose but it really got me thinking about how often I invite clients to a "complimentary consultation" and what that really means.

The real estate market is constantly changing and each property and client play by their own set of rules. After spending over 20 years in this industry I can tell you nothing is more important, whether you are buying or selling, than a well devised game plan. Think of the real estate transaction as a football game and like any game the objective is to win.

The "complimentary consultation" is really the pre-game planning needed to ensure we have set things up so our clients win. We are really the coach and together this initial meeting is crucial to lay the ground work so after the game is over we look up to the scorecard and declare victory. We need to understand your goals to implement a winning strategy so they are met.

This initial get together is for you to learn about the coach and for us to learn about you. And like the e-mail we received today can be held at your convenience over "coffee or cocktails". If you are more comfortable with coffee then perhaps a booth at the Lighthouse Diner is a great place to start the relationship. If an adult beverage is more to your liking we may decide that Thirsty Joe's is the ideal location to start devising the game plan. Either way, two things are certain. First, is that you will have discovered the easiest way to see the Shark dip his fin into the wallet as the consultation is indeed complimentary. And the second is we both will have taken a major step in planning to succeed. Always interesting, always fun.


Fins up......

Tom Priester
Principal Broker 

Paradise Sharks Real Estate