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Jupiter home sales take off with strong seasonal buying

Sometimes, it doesn’t take long for the real estate market to change course. After all, when we last checked in with pending home sales on January 15th, here in the Jupiter area, they sat at the worst levels we had seen in over six years. We knew seasonal home buying would start kicking into gear and boy did it. Over the second half of January pending homes sales in the Northern Palm Beaches zoomed upwards by 33%. WOW!

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Understand that we always see buying activity, especially on condominiums, start kicking into gear on January 15th. But 33%. WOW! Last year over the same period, pending home sales were up 19%. In 2017 it was up 17%. This year’s buying has been the strongest we have ever seen for the second half of January and hopefully a good sign of a strong real estate season ahead.

Buyers have plenty to be optimistic about, with interest rates this morning at the lowest we have seen since way back in June of last year. Inventory levels, as of January 15th, were up for the 5th straight month and the number of choices buyers have is up 24% over that span. In fact, if you are looking for a home in the Jupiter area, you have more options today than you have had since April 2017.

Choices, cheaper money and seasonal factors have brightened the real estate skies here in paradise. Median condo prices in the Jupiter area have been trending lower for 7 months and as of January 15th sat at the lowest levels we had seen since March of last year. Year over year gains sit at a paltry 2% gain. Furthermore, they sit 18% below the all time highs set way back in 2005 and 2006. Right now, signs sure look like condo prices will be moving higher and if buying remains as strong as we just saw over the past couple weeks, the moves may be substantial. 

The key right now is to keep your eyes on pending home sales in the days ahead. Condo buyers tend to start the middle of January and no doubt they have shown up in force and should be driving prices higher. We are still about a month away from when single family home buyers typically start writing contracts. If they show up in force like the condo buyers just did you should see a lot of smiles on your favorite Realtor’s face over the next few months.

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