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Is Tequesta really the best place to call home in South Florida?

Having been a full time resident of the Village of Tequesta for 7 years I am certainly not impartial. That being said, I am firmly on the side that knows there probably isn’t a better place to call home in all of SoFlo. As I see what is happening all around us, as soon as I hit those tree lined streets of Country Club Drive I decompress, smile and give thanks that I am home. We are surrounded by water and there are plenty of spots to sit back and enjoy the view. Catch the show over the Loxahatchee at sunset, make sure you bring a glass of wine and enjoy nature smiling down on you. Watch for manatees and dolphins to make the show even more spectacular.

Waterfront Park

There is much to be thankful for here in Tequesta. While we really are what I would consider a “tiny town” we have a big, big heart. The last time the census was done back in 2010 our population was 5,644. Today it is 6,094. There is just nowhere for Tequesta to grow, so we cherish what is here. 

Originally founded in the 1950’s the village was named after the Tequesta Indians and over 20% of its land mass is water. From the amazing Coral Cove oceanfront park to one of the best “old school’ golf courses you will find anywhere, Tequesta is very special indeed. You might run into the greatest quarterback of all time at Palm Beach Ice Cream and odds are he will be ordering strawberry. On the fairways over at Tequesta Country Club it’s not unusual to see some of the biggest names in golf enjoying a round on the Dick Wilson course that was founded in 1957. Arnold Palmer was on hand at the grand opening, Richard Nixon has played here, Jack Nicklaus too. If you stay for dinner and end up later in the evening around the outside bar don’t be surprised if you see a famous face or two as they can hang at the club without being mobbed by fans. Until his passing last year, one would run into Burt Reynolds on a regular basis in Tequesta and his legacy will always be with us. 

Home to numerous art galleries, shops, restaurants and those lucky enough to live here can get almost everywhere on a bike. West of the bridge you are as likely to see a golf cart cruising down the street as a car. And there really is something for everyone when it comes to real estate. So far in 2019, the median single family home price in the Village stands at $624,000 so it is not an inexpensive place to call home. Compare that to Jupiter, where the median price sits at $545,000 or Palm Beach County, where the median price today is $365,000. A better place does come with a price tag that keeps getting bigger, and bigger.

There are sidewalks that meander all through the Village and as one with past heart issues I spend a lot of time on them. Neighbors are friendly, we wave, say hello and stop to chat. It’s that kind of place. It’s diverse and while expensive, over the past year, we had one bedroom condos sell for as low as $65,100. On the other side of the spectrum, are waterfront properties that sell for millions of dollars. One home on the Intracoastal is currently looking for a buyer at $8,500,000. I walked by a lot on a canal in the Country Club the other day and wondered what happened to the house that once sat there. It recently sold for over $900,000 and then came the bulldozer. When people clamor for their spot on the water and are willing to pay a million bucks for a blank canvas to create one’s own architectural masterpiece on a canal you see what demand does for prices. And that’s on a canal. Along the Loxahatchee River, which is truly the lifeblood of the community, you see amazing homes under construction where “old Florida” homes once stood. Here we have seen homes sell as high as $2,395,000 and then quickly demolished. 

Others are taking Tequesta homes built in the 1960’s and 1970’s and spending considerable sums bringing them up to today’s standards. One of these remodeled mid-century ranches, on a normal lot, with no water view, not even a golf course vista, recently sold for $865,000 to the first buyer through the door. Buyers are clamoring for quality. As time marches on, these mid century ranches will be become historic and those properly restored should be valuable reminders of where things all started.

Paradise Sharks is proud to call Tequesta home and we are always available to anyone looking to purchase, or sell, real estate in the Village. Decades of experience and a passion to ensure world class quality and customer service are paired with our desire to minimize the cost of real estate services to our clients. We recently started giving each of our buying clients a substantial credit at closing and can provide world class marketing packages for seller’s as low as 4%. Our quality, customer service, and prices are our little way of saying thank you to our friends, neighbors and clients. Always interview, always ask questions and if Paradise Sharks can ever be of help, please feel free to contact us anytime at 561.308.0175 or tom@paradisesharks.com


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