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Tiring of technology but man am I loving this new watch


It’s been a long time since I wore a watch. I pretty much hate wearing things and a watch fell smack dab in the middle of that category. Once our phones started giving accurate time there was no need for a watch and there hasn’t been one on my wrist since way back when. But a heart attack, open heart surgery and a 5 year battle with atrial fibrillation ended the wrist freedom I had enjoyed for those many, many years.


You see, after that 5 year battle, my amazing electro-cardiologist seems to have cured what once was chronic. But it really does need to be monitored. The problem is, I do not feel my heart beat, so if it starts going haywire I really have no way to diagnose it and I asked him for a solution. When he told me about the amazing heart diagnostic capabilities of the new Apple Watch 4, I was all ears. When our daughter and her boyfriend bought me an Apple gift certificate, I was all in.

At first, I thought I would just put it on when I went out on my daily walk, or to check my heart beat for any signs of atrial fibrillation. Remember, I always have hated watches, but as Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a changin, and this time for the better.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of technology, but it’s really gone too far. I run a boutique real estate brokerage and pride myself on our technological driven strategies for our clients. But it has gone too far. Way too far and thankfully many people are starting to feel the same. This watch is helping me take the next step.

Back in the day, I wore a watch so I had an accurate method of knowing what time it was. The cell phone changed that and I happily went along for the ride with that old huge block phone and watched as technology made phones smaller and smaller until I finally had one that would slip easily into a pocket. Then, technology decided small wasn’t cool and the newest phones started getting bigger. Bigger, and bigger and bigger and soon we were are all carrying computers with us, disguised as phones. If you went out and saw a table full of people, usually half of them, if not more, had their noses in their phones instead of enjoying the company of who they were with. I was as bad, if not worse, than anyone and the whole nose in the phone thing started really bothering me.

However, my business really means I need to be dialed in. That massive iPhone needed to be with me. My livelihood depends on it. Then I got this watch. Not only does it watch my heart in a remarkable way, not only does it provide amazing statistics on my daily walks, but it does things that are as important for those of us who are tired of our phones and carrying them everywhere we go. It quietly notifies me when a call or email is coming in. I can quickly glance down and see it it is something that needs to be dealt with. It’s easy to ignore if it isn’t pressing, If I need to take care of it like Dick Tracy, I can make a call with my watch. I can respond to an email or text. Heck it even tells me what time it is.

But it does much more, as it frees me from the shackles of carrying that huge phone with me wherever I go. If you are out and see someone without a phone it may be because they found the path to freedom. I did. It’s called a watch and its very, very cool.

Fins up……