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Jupiter home prices heading lower

Make no mistake about it, 2019 has been a good year if you own a single family home in the Northern Palm Beaches. Median prices began the year at $475,000 and over the first 5 months of the year climbed quickly to $515,00 but that climb appears to be over, and in all likelihood, we will not see any upward momentum until next year.

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If you are looking for a new home, you might get serious over the next few months, as it may be the best time you will see for awhile to grab a good deal. Sure inventory isn’t great, but neither are sales, and interest rates remain very close to 20 month lows. 

As of August 1st, that median price has fallen to $510,000 and all signs point to further declines over the next few months. If I was a betting shark, I would bet that we will be into the year 2020 before we see the median single family home price in Jupiter higher than it sits today.

Inventory still sucks, and even though single family home sales fell 16% in July, they were still firmly above 2018 numbers. If you are in the buying mood, make sure your search is very specific and even though prices should be falling, finding the right opportunity is not going to be easy. The best new listings, if properly priced and marketed, should still be under contract in days, if not hours.

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