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Turn your house purchase into big help for The Bahamas

As we take a deep sigh of relief here in South Florida, the people of the Northern Bahama Islands are dealing with loss that is hard to imagine. The photos and videos are starting to roll in and this land of magical white sand beaches and crystal blue waters has been dealt a blow by Hurricane Dorian that will take years to recover from.


I am thrilled to see the outpouring of people, raising money and supplies, to immediately help our island neighbors. These neighbors, and the land they call home, mean so much, to so many and I wanted to come up with a way that we too can give back and make an impact on the long road to recovery. 

We invite anyone who will be buying a home, or selling a home, to take part in Paradise SharksBe a Starprogram that we hope can raise a significant amount of money to help our Bahamian neighbors.

It is very straight forward, and all you need to do is contact Paradise Sharksat tom@paradisesharks.comor 561.308.0175 and tell us you are looking to participate in ourBe a Starprogram. If we are engaged to act as your broker on any real estate transaction, at closing we will donate 50% of all commissions we earn, to the relief efforts in the Bahamas. All donations will be made, directly at closing, to organizations who have been fully vetted and are making a positive impact with the rebuilding of this extraordinary land just to our east.

This program will stay in effect until we raise at least $25,000, and we truly hope we can raise even more. We still firmly believe, anyone doing real estate, of any kind, needs to interview brokers and find one that will best help them meet their goals. Ask a lot of questions, and seek answers. Paradise Sharks loves to interview, and we would be honored to team with you in the weeks and months ahead, to help our beautiful neighbors recover from this disaster.


Fins up for helping our neighbors……