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Natural light your home's value depends on it

We have all heard that the three most important factors in a homes value are location, location and location. While that is somewhat true, the reality is, natural light is actually far more important. Your home may sit on the most desirable lot, in the most desirable town, with the most dramatic views in the world, but without windows, it loses value. Lots of it.

Natural light

Here in South Florida, people love the outdoors. If it wasn’t for the water, the beaches, the golf courses, the sun and the sand, people would not be drawn to our lifestyle. The great outdoors is why we are here and properly bringing that outdoors, into your home, through windows and doors can impact it’s value. By 25%, or more.

I have been building, or selling real estate, for my entire life and it’s in my blood. Selling is not my thing, educating is, and I thrive on making sure Paradise Sharks clients make informed decisions. When shopping for a new home, your lifestyle is critically important and natural light is not only going to affect the resale value of your home. It’s incredibly important to your happiness, your mood, your health. A home filled with beautiful, glorious, natural light makes you get along better with others, it reduces your stress level, it lowers your blood pressure, it improves your ability to learn and think creatively. Your brain will actually produce more serotonin when in natural light and that mood boosting hormone is your life blood in so many ways. 

The first things everyone should think about when home shopping are natural light, view and orientation of the lot. It’s critical to your happiness and how much you will enjoying living within it’s walls. If you love the outdoors, and your happiness is spending time in the backyard splashing in the pool, you don’t want it to face west in South Florida. Unless, you are a snowbird and dramatic sunsets trip your trigger. If you want to spend early morning on the patio, with your coffee and the morning newspaper, perhaps east is your optimal direction. Our backyard faces north and I have a wall of windows that make it the perfect choice for our lifestyle. Everyone is different but you need to understand you to make the right decision. A qualified real estate broker will be your best tool so use them to make sure you are making the right decision.

The sun is your best friend and will make your life more enjoyable if you plan around it and use it properly. It will make your home feel larger. It will make your home more spectacular. However, a window does no good if the view isn’t something worth looking at. A window does no good if it is filthy and there is a tall bush in the yard covering it up and blocking the view. The outdoors, and indoors, must work together but its not hard if you properly plan.

To me, the lifeblood of any home is the kitchen and a large, well lit space is the key to how your home lives. In the old days, one would not dream of not having a window above the kitchen sink. There was a reason for that. 

You cannot have too much natural light in your home. We have a full glass door into our garage, a large window and windows in the overhead doors. That’s in our garage. It’ a happy place. Landscape design, window treatments, paint colors, furniture placement, reflective surfaces, all play roles in how natural light will feel in your home. Your health, happiness and bank account depend on it, so make sure you understand in when shopping for your home.

Paradise Sharks has been doing nothing but real estate for decades. We understand natural light and are happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs. We want you to make wise purchasing decisions and we want you to be happy in your home. Here in paradise, you are going to pay a lot for your home so make sure you put natural light into the equation and it should be at the top of your list.

If Paradise Sharks can ever assist with any of your real estate needs please feel free to contact us at tom@paradisesharks.com or 561.308.0175 for a complimentary consultation. We are a boutique brokerage with no middlemen. Our customer service is high, and our fees are low, because we feel that is how every business should be run. For our customers, and we would certainly be honored to serve you.


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