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Home Sellers Handbook - Banana Edition

If you are thinking about selling your home think yellow

The real estate business is not rocket science but is does take some thinking. Serious thinking and your marketing efforts must be tied to your goals and well planned. If not, you will not succeed. If you see these on-line ads for free home valuations they are usually worth just about what you paid for them. Wouldn't it be nice if it was that simple. It isn't.

This morning I see a notification for a home here in Jupiter that just had another price reduction. I say another because this home has been listed for almost 2 years and this is their 27th price reduction. I have to admit at $99 cut is more meaningful than the $1 reduction last month. The photos and description of the home are mediocre and the reasons the home is sitting there 659 days later are easily seen. Earlier this week I had a seller reach out to me as she wasn't getting any activity on her home that had been on the market almost 2 months. Her homes' on-line presentation was poor with once again mediocre photos and description. Anyone viewing the marketing presentation would want to click next as fast as they could.

If you are going to sell a home, like anything in life, you had better have a game plan. And in today's competitive world it better be a good one. In the end your home will be worth exactly what a ready and able buyer is willing to pay. Nothing more, nothing less. That on-line ad that promises a free home valuation can't even begin to tell you that. A banana could do a better job. Let's say you were heading to your local grocery store as you needed a banana.  As you reached the produce department, from four aisles away, you could easily see the bright yellow perfect banana. Your eyes were not even drawn to the brown shriveled up banana sitting right next to it. Both were priced exactly the same. What banana would you buy? The good looking bright yellow one of course. Unless, you were making banana bread and the brown shriveled up banana would work and was on sale for 50% off. Planning, presentation and price. What is true with bananas is true with homes.

If you aren't working with a broker who is going to invest in professional high resolution photographs your home isn't going to look like the perfect yellow banana. If the written description of your home is brown and shriveled up like the banana it is going to sit there unsold. You can make insignificant price cut after insignificant price cut but if you haven't solved the problem your brown banana is going to sit there. Until you get so tired you are willing to dump it for brown banana prices. If your home isn't perfect, and most aren't, you need to do your part and shine and clean it as best you can to make it yellow. The more bananas on the shelf the shinier you need to make it. If you aren't dealing with a broker who can do that do not expect top dollar for your brown banana. There are so many ingredients that go into the perfect house selling plan and each home and it's marketing must be tied directly to your property and your goals. It should not cost you any more to do it right, yet the great majority of the market does it wrong, pays too much and in the end doesn't get yellow banana results.

If you want yellow banana results with a unique marketing program designed around your home and goals at the best value in the industry please feel free to contact Paradise Sharks Real Estate for a complimentary consultation. We are banana shining experts!

Fins up.....

Tom Priester
Principal Broker

Paradise Sharks Real Estate