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How to Get the Highest Sales Price in Your Neighborhood

Marketing, marketing, marketing



We just got off the phone with a potential client who has decided he is going to sell his home as a FSBO on Zillow. Naturally we were a bit disappointed, not because we really need the business, but we know the odds of him walking from the closing table with a larger check than if we were acting as his broker are very slim. He even offered to pay us 3% if we brought him a buyer. Our clients are our passion and he didn’t get that so we failed.


As hard as we tried, he didn’t understand that buyers just don’t appear in today’s world: we have to attract them. He was a doctor and didn’t see the value of a professional handling the sale of his property. We feel bad as that decision is more than likely going to cost him some money....and some headaches.


Yesterday we attended a closing for a client who is very, very happy. You see they are getting the highest sales price of the 16 homes in their neighborhood that have sold through the real estate community over the past 12 months. Fifteen other brokers have tried, but only our client sits on top of the heap when it comes to selling for the most money. The next closest sale was for $8,000 less than what my client received from the sale of their home and that home was much larger. They sold for $20 per livable square foot more than any other sales, except one.


Now add these facts to the equation. Their home didn’t have a garage. Each of the other 15 homes that sold in the neighborhood had a garage, most of them had 2 car garages. The home we sold did not have a private pool. Six of the other sales had private pools. 


OK, their home must have been much larger you might say. Actually only 5 of the other 15 sales had less square footage. 10 of them were bigger homes. Lot sizes were all about the same. Certainly my client took great care of the home but they had it on the market, unsuccessfully, before we  became involved. What was the difference that we made? Marketing, marketing, marketing. We showed them what we needed to do before we brought in the photographers. We made them clean up their act and their house. We showed them they were no longer home owners but home sellers and there is a big difference. Then we brought in the pros to get it on film. See the picture their previous broker had used of the family room and compare it to what we came up with. Can you see why they sold for more money than anyone else?.



But it wasn’t just pictures it was the well written description of why someone would want o live in the neighborhood, With 86% of all buyers looking for suitable properties on-line before contacting a Realtor there is one thing that sellers should demand and that is professional photographs and a detailed description painting the story of why potential buyers should want to learn more and schedule a visit to the property. Yet less than 5% of today's listings, in all price ranges, get what I would consider proper marketing exposure. You should see the website and e-mail campaign we did for this house as they were both as good as it gets.


And believe me you do not have to pay more to get the best. We never charge our clients over 5%. We bring value to the table and in today’s market you should demand value and marketing, marketing, marketing. 




Fins up.....




Tom Priester

Principal Broker


Paradise Sharks Real Estate