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Supplemental Tax Bill – What is it, and why am I getting one?

Supplemental Tax Bill – What is it, and why am I getting one?

Have you changed ownership of a property, including an inter-spousal transfer?  Have you performed substantial alterations or renovations which required building permits, or purchased new construction this year?  If so, changes such as these may result in an increase of your property taxes even though you’ve already paid them this year. 

Each year the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office monitors these events and assesses your properties value for tax purposes and sends a supplemental bill for the change in taxable value of your property.  This tax is separate from and in addition to the property taxes that were paid through your impound account and is only sent to you when there is an increase in the value of your property and is due and payable upon receipt.

Don’t fret though, there are tax assistance programs for certain vulnerable citizens. 

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