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6 Reasons Why Listing Your House this Fall is Your Best Bet

6 Reasons Why Listing Your House this Fall is Your Best Bet

 If you've been on the fence about listing your home for sale, you wouldn't be alone. With the leaves changing and the holidays quickly approaching, several homeowners that have had their home listed for sale over the spring and summer are getting ready to remove the "For Sale" sign in the yard. Many sellers that had been considering selling, though hadn't gotten their house on the market yet, are deciding to hold off until spring. 

Why wait? Houses sell all year long, and below are 6 BIG reasons that you should list (or re-up your listing) rather than wait to sell until spring:

1. You can negotiate your closing date. Don't want to move in the middle of the winter? Everything in your contract with a buyer is a negotiation, including the closing date. You can sell now and negotiate delaying the closing until after the holidays or early next year.

 2. You can restrict showings during family obligations or commitments. Don't want to have a showing during a family event, or have visiting guests for the holidays? No problem. You can request that showings not be scheduled during these times.Buyers and their agents can schedule times for showings when they work for all. While you want to be available to show as much as possible, it is perfectly ok to schedule days or times here and there for your family traditions.

3. It's a Good Time to Buy. Interest rates are still historically low compared to years past. The prediction is that they will rise in 2016. (There is only one way for them to go, afterall!) All interest rate forecasts should be taken cautiously, as they are among the most difficult economic variable to predict.

4. New Job=New House. January is a popular month when new employees begin new jobs. Transferees can not wait until spring to buy their new home. You need to be listed to capture this particular market.

5. Buyers are more motivated. Let's face it: logistically looking at houses in the fall and the winter can be challenging considering the threat of undesirable weather (houses have been shown in blizzards!), shorter days, and fewer choices for a buyer. If a buyer is looking now they're likely more ready to make a buying decision versus their spring and summer counterparts who have the luxury of longer days, warmer weather, and greater inventory to choose from. If a buyer has delayed buying through the spring and summer season it is likely because they were waiting in hopes for a better deal, or are facing their own personal time contraints (for work, growing family, etc). Overall, these buyers tend to be more serious buyers versus "window shoppers". 

6. There's less competition. Many spring and summer sellers will take their house off the market as the leaves begin to change. As fall moves in, and winter and the holidays take over, the number of new listings to the market will continue to decrease. Choices for motivated buyers will become less and less, and those serious buyers will be checking out your even more desirable home either in person or online.

The moral of the story? List (or stay listed) through the fall and winter seasons. The sure fire way that you're house WON'T sell over the fall/winter? Take it off the market all together.