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Fall Home Staging Tips

The days are getting shorter, the nights a little longer. Kids are headed back to school. Pumpkin flavored everything has returned.

Fall is in the air, and for sellers getting ready to list – or those that are currently listed and hoping to get some offers – there are many benefits to having your home on the market now.

Listing inventory tends to lighten after Labor Day, reducing the competition in the market. Some simple staging ideas can set your home apart from the rest as you capitalize on the "homey" feeling that the season tends to create, allowing the buyers to imagine your home as the one they choose to hunker down in to ring in the New Year.

Light is the perfect tool to create ambiance, and with less daylight hours, you'll want to be sure to capitalize on all the lighting that your home offers. A well-lit room looks larger and more inviting, so be sure to turn on all the lights in your home prior to a showing or an open house. Remember the exterior lighting, too, as buyers will notice the glow of the lights welcoming them from the street as they drive up to the house.

Scented candles, as a general rule, are a big "no-no" when it comes to home staging because of the aversion to some scents that some buyers may have. You might consider breaking that rule in the fall by lighting a few seasonal candles of the same scent. Fall scented candles, like apple or pumpkin, for many will stir up happy memories of apple picking, leaf raking, or pumpkin carving. Be conservative, and use them in moderation. Though, if there was any season to break the "no scented candle rule," it would be this one.

Creating the overall feeling of "cozy" in the interior of your home is your goal. What says cozy better than extra pillows and soft blankets in the family room, living room, and bedrooms?

Curb appeal offers an equal opportunity for creating a "home sweet home." The exterior of your home is what will entice the buyer to step through the front door in the first place. The season, with its rainbow of foliage, is an excellent backdrop. You can spice up your landscape even further by adding plantings that offer bright foliage and color, such as mums, aster, burning bush, smoke bush, and others that thrive in the cold temperatures and offer great color.

We know that buyers buy on emotion. Creating a cozy, homey feeling in your home is the goal for any home staging, as we want to help the buyer envision themselves living in the home. The season for many already "feels homey," and with some key staging, it can be what sets your house apart from the rest.