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Paw Patrol Party Ideas

Paw Patrol Themed Party Ideas

My now 5 year old loves the Nick Jr. show Paw Patrol. He has a wide collection of themed toys that  can roll, bounce or be squeezed for that final level of comfort before shutting his eyes for bed. So of course, when birthday time came around, it had to be a Paw Patrol Themed party. Here are a few ideas we used to make a fun event.

Plastic Dog Bowls for serving dishes:

We visted a local Dollar Tree to pick up a few large dog bowls and used these as serving dishes for snack. Very easy and you can use them for your own actual pup when done.

Fetch Sticks:

I used a terrific and easy recipe for dipped pretizle sticks to create a dozen dipped pretzle rods. I used candy melts, which you can purchase from Walmart or online at Amazon.com or Wilton.com. and Semi Sweet chocolate chips.

Pup Corn:

Easy! Fresh popped popcorn was served in one of the dog  bowls. The kids loved it!

Dog Biscuits:

I made sugar cookies and used a bone shaped cookie cutter to create cookies shaped like bones. Who doesn't love cookies! You can make your own dough, or purchase the kind at the refrigerated section at the grocery store. 

Create your own Collar:

I purchased an array of charm neckace material from the local Dollar Tree along with the string and set it out for the kids to create collars. Most made them into little charm bracelets. Very fun.

Adopt a Puppy:

There are a number of plush dogs you can purchase online. Try sites such as amazon.com, oriental trading and Party City. I put my pups in a cardboard box and wrote, please adopt a puppy. All the children went home with a small plush dog.

I hope this information can be helpful to you during your next party. Share your results if you used any of these ideas! Just send your comments and/or pics to meganclarkayala@gmail.com