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Thinking of Selling This Spring?

Everyone knows Spring is our swiftest real estate season!

Supply and Demand

While Spring is THE season with the largest pool of active buyers, it brings the largest inventory of homes for sale. That means sellers MUST put their best foot forward!

Home Condition

Have your home pre-inspected, create a punch list from the report, and have each item addressed by licensed professionals. Keep all the receipts and the inspection report for your prospective buyers. This ensures buyer satisfaction and avoids unexpected, costly discoveries during the inspection part of your selling process!

Just the Facts, Ma'am!

The days of sticking a sign in the yard and entering the listing in the MLS are OVER! To maximize the return on your real estate investment you MUST be represented by a real estate professional who truly understands the market drivers, can identify your highest marketable value at a specific time, and can identify the steps you must take prior to hitting the market. This will ensure you sell in a timely manner for the highest possible sales price.


Aesthetics matter - to all of us! As most of our grandmothers told us, "You never have a second chance at a first impression." It is SO true when selling your home. With a few boxes, a plan, some help from a few family members, and a little elbow grease, you too can WOW you prospective buyers from the moment they pull up until they sign their offer to purchase your home.

For more information about inspections, invaluable pre-listing processes, or a complimentary consultation contact me today!