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Relationship Referrals

  1. When is your client the happiest?
    1. At the closing!  
      1. Congratulation pictures
      2. Client Video Review
      3. Share your digital business card with them and download to their phone.
      4. Invite them to become a part of your Trusted Referral Network.
  2. Cultivate your relationships. Learn about your clients and keep in contact with them.
    1. Birthdays
    2. Home purchase anniversary
    3. Make semi annual calls to see how the home is coming along.
      1. Great opportunity to let them know you are still helping families buy or sell real estate.
      2. Do they know of anyone that might need your service?
      3. Let them know about your Referral Network of services.
  3. Develop your Referral Network and become the person your past clients reach out to for services needed.
    1. Follow up.....Show them that you care.
      1. Did your referral do an excellent job for them?
  4.  Invite clients to reach out to you if they are in the need of any services for their home.
  5. Support your Network with quarterly specials.
    1. Be sure that your Network supports you as well on their website as their Trusted Referral REALTOR.