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Email Is Alive!


Email is alive and well and the best way to stay connected with your past clients and prospects through what I call Value Marketing.   One of the items that I coach to Real Estate Professionals is the use of Campaigns, using email.  This marketing system is one that I personally use in my own business as a Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer and it is very effective.  I searched online to see if other Real Estate Marketing firms supported the use of email campaigns and I found many that did.  Here is one example: Real Estate Marketing Automation: 6 Simple Systems

The system that I coach to is Agent Marketing and they have a simple, yet effective email system that has a time-management system that will help you create strong relationships.  And the real estate industry is all about relationships.

Consumers want to do business with whom they Know, Like and Trust and they want to be educated and not sold.  As you blog and obtain their opt-in for your information, you start to build a relationship.  The information you send to your new opted-in prospect will allow your opted in prospect to get to know you, ( I recommend that you use video in your email campaign.) and that the information that you send is valuable to them, allowing Trust to be created:

  • Valuable information on the real estate industry in your area.
  • How to prepare when buying a home.
  • How to prepare when selling a home.
  • Trends in real estates.
  • Fun facts about real estate.
  • Financial benefits of real estate.

You may even consider adding information about credit and how credit scores can affect the ability to purchase a home or not purchase a home.  Any and all informative information about real estate should be shared with your opted-in prospect. Email campaigns should last for a period of time.....6 months to a year is recommended.  As your opted-in prospect becomes a client, then you manually remove them from the campaign and service them accordingly. Per the NAR (National Association of REALTORS), 88% of consumers would use their real estate again....if they knew how to find them.  Staying in contact with your past clients is essential for you to keep the relationship strong so when they need your services in the future or have a referral source, you will be Top of Mind.  Only 11% of homebuyers in 2019 used an agent that they worked with in the past.....could this because the past client lost contact with them?

Forty-two percent of buyers used an agent that was referred to them by a friend, neighbor, or relative and 11 percent used an agent that they had worked with in the past to buy or sell a home.

Bottom line: Allow online buyers to find you and offer an opt-in service to email campaigns that will allow you to stay Top of Mind.  Stay in contact with past clients with informative newsletters, so when they need to find you, you will be found.   

Karen Jones, Founder of Strategy4SuccessNow and Marketing Coach for Real Estate Professionals believes that Real Estate Professionals need to understand how to market themselves.  She educates REALTORs on how to use online and offline marketing strategies to grow their real estate business.  Karen believes that the Real Estate Industry is a relationship business and thus coaches’ agents about Value Marketing.  The Marketing techniques have been time-tested with excellent results.