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How to buy a home

 How to get approved for a mortgage loan 

Before in the past. I used to offer residential home loans and have dealt with hard money. So I am familiar with the process.  I still get questions on like “ If I have a lender who can help with there scenario?” I am here to help! 

For some reason this is the hardest things for first time home buys.  The best thing is to take ACTION!  Make contact with a lender and apply.  The good ones will guide you and let you know what to do.  If they don't move on and find someone else.  It's not that hard.  

California Hard Money lenders

They are ways to find California Hard Money lenders.  Before calling them, you should have a game plan. 


1. Your goal with the property and do they lend for this?

2.  How many points for the loan

3. There term and interest rates

Please conact me if need any help

The areas of Real Estate I focus on are:

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Real Estste agent in Morgan Hill Ca

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