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Things to do in Plano TX



Things to do in Plano TX


Plano, Texas


Once you come to Plano, you understand why they say "I wasn't born here, but I got here as quick as I could."  Plano, Texas is a city of excellence and a great place to live in.  It is said to be the home of major companies in the U.S. thereby making Plano one of the most affluent cities in the nation.  The city also gets tons of visitors every year, may it be for business or pleasure.  No one can deny that Plano has wonderful things to offer to everyone, kids and adults alike.


Things to do in Plano, Texas


Still said to be a budding city but Plano is already packed with various attractions easily available to everyone.  Aside from Plano’s dedication and passion for the performing arts, they also have districts rich with great history and of course, the major industrial complexes.


One of this city’s edge from its neighbors is its homey vibe that makes every passing traveler feel so comfortable.  However, Plano harbors a mysterious feel that is quite a great magnet for curious tourists.  Nevertheless, this unexplained contrast still works well for the city.


Things to do in Plano TX - Arbor Hill Park


Arbor Hill Park, Plano during Fall


If you are planning to experience Plano at its best, it is recommended for you to visit the city during fall.  This would let you witness nature at work and see the changes in colors.  Although, you’d have to prepare yourself for occasional rain showers.  Going to Plano during Thanksgiving and Labor Day for leisure can be a wonderful visit, even though the city is bustling with activity.  Although there are plenty of activities in the summer, tourists need to be prepared for the heat.


Grocery and Shopping Centers


Get the List of Groceries and Shopping Centers in Plano, TX Here!


Just like the other cities near Plano, shopping is definitely not a problem.  The abundance of strip malls and innumerable retail establishments are a total dream for shopping addicts.  Barnes & Noble, World Market, Bed, Bath & Beyond and other favorites are readily available to serve you if you’d like to go over to the Central Expressway.  Plano’s shopping malls are not to be disregarded either.  Plano’s got enough shopping malls to cater all your larger scale shopping experience.


the shops at leagacy - things to do in plano - where to shop and eat in plano


 The Shops At Legacy

The Shops at Legacy is the vibrant heart of a master-planned Legacy Business Park designed for shopping, working… and living it up!

"Vibrantly modern yet rich with history" - You can enjoy your shopping experience while walking through tree-lined streets and beautifully landscaped parks.  Not only will you be attracted by good finds but you can soak into the relaxing environment of The Shops At Legacy, too.  What’s better than a therapeutic shopping experience?  Luckily, this ultimate shopping destination is located in the heart of Plano for an easy commute.


Café and Restaurants

Get the List of Cafe and Restaurants in Plano, TX Here!


One of the best things that Plano can offer is their food.  They take their dishes seriously, making sure that they are giving a delightful, sumptuous experience for every diner.


bob's steak and chop house - Things to do in Plano TX - where to eat in plano tx


One of the town's favorite restaurant, Bob's Steak & Chop House.


It is a traditional American prime steakhouse located at one of the most popular places to shop and eat in Plano - Shops At Legacy.  Locals usually dine here and visitors do not pass by Plano without trying their dining experience.  Bob’s Steak & Chop House has continually been recognized as one of the best steakhouses in the country and continues to serve up the high caliber of service and steaks for which we’ve become known



Get the List of Parks in Plano, TX Here!


The city’s name is originally derived from flat plains of the area, a lot of large trees abound in the city’s several parks.  In fact, one tree is even estimated to be over 500 years old.  This tree is currently located in Bob Woodruff Park, near Rowlett Creek.


Things to do in Plano TX - Bob Woodruff Park


Bob Woodruff Park in Aerial View


There are two main Open Space preserves, the 321 acre Bob Woodruff Park and the 801 acre Oak Point and Nature Preserve.  They are connected by biking trails making the green space one large uninterrupted park space which is said to be even larger than New York’s Central Park which is only 840 acres in total.


Plano houses five recreation centers namely Tom Muehlenbeck Center, Carpenter Park Recreation Center, Oak Point Recreation Center, Liberty Recreation Center, and the Douglass Community Center.  There is also a pet-friendly park for the pet owners of Plano, The Dog Park located in Jack Carter Park.




Plano promises a “good time” for every sports fans out there.  However, the real fun begins when you are not afraid to get down and dirty.  Since sports and other activities are quite popular in Plano, they have developed a great way to gain patronage while having a wonderful time.


Plano offers over 3300 acres of recreation and public parks for those who would like to play golf, tennis, or just for those jogging enthusiasts.  Indoor activities are also something that local country clubs promote.  And what better way to end a grueling action-filled day than to congregate with your friends for a meal or drinks at the bistro, bar or grill.


Arts and Culture


Things to do in Plano TX - Plano Balloon Festival


Plano Balloon Festival 2015


Plano also boasts their Plano Balloon Festival every year in late September.  Most importantly, the Festival launches hundreds of hot air balloons and a final firework show.  In addition, Viewpoint Bank hosts 3 days of arts, crafts, and performing art shows.  As casual as it sounds, ballooning is such a scenic activity.  The pilots also offer balloon rides plus the tickets are refundable in the event of a weather cancelation.


The Art Centre of Plano focuses primarily on contemporary visual art installations and maintains a varied calendar of receptions.  Although, visual arts are not traditionally within the realm of performance, many of the 3D pieces and sculptures really jump out at the viewer.


Children Fun


Things to do in Plano TX - Main Event Center


Main Event Entertainment


For awesome children fun time of laser tag, bowling or arcade games, Main Event USA is one of the places to go to.  It might be a great place to bond with your children or to rekindle those jolly old times of innocence.  A competitive game between couples or friends is also always a good idea.


Things to do in Plano TX - Dallas Zoo


The Dallas Zoo


If animals are your thing then with a quick car ride from Plano, we have The Dallas Zoo.  It is considered to be another popular tourist destinations.  They have The Wilds of Africa, Zoo North, and The Aquarium.  These large exhibitions are sure to give great excitement to your young ones.  The zoo also has a monorail service which carries the visitors through six wildlife preserves.  This is as exciting as it sounds and adopting a pet after the tour might look like a great idea.


More things to do in Plano, Texas


Things to do in Plano TX - Blue Martini


Plano's newest nightlife attraction, The Blue Martini


For the party people, Plano will surely not disappoint.  The nightlife here varies from VIP style lounges to clubs with thrilling music.  For those quiet types however, Plano can also entertain you with their relaxing hang-out places and cafes.  In addition to all the aforementioned activities, you may also enjoy Plano’s lighthearted arts.  Since the city supports and promotes their community of passionate, skilled performing artists and groups, you will certainly find a great show that fits your fancy.  Your choices include children’s theater, visual arts, and some music bands with different genres.


For the ladies, spas in Plano never run short.  Ambiance, service and comfort-Plano spas have it all.  Make sure to allot a whole day for a fabulous relaxing “you time”.


Things to do in Plano TX - spa in plano tx

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