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Hello Licensees!

So....you got that real estate license and plan to make your fortunes selling residential real estate.  You did your research, spoke to your "friends" in real estate and decided upon the broker to hang your license.

This scenario takes place literally thousands of time each and every day in real estate offices all around the United States and Canada.  So, what's wrong with this picture?  All you want to do is sell real estate because you know about curb appeal and interior decorating...right!  Yes, this is how the brokerages throw the newbies to the wolves to learn the business.  Everyday, brokers hear the story that a new licensee has contacts and contacts leads to sales and commissions.  But, this broker wasn't impressed....he gave me a pile of company related information with pretty shiny pictures and an admonition that I need to make a list of people he kept referring to as my SOI"........I had to call everybody I knew to request listings and interest in buying real estate...but...but...I thought the broker gave me this business.  Welcome to real estate.  

Over the next months I will provide a guided tour of the real estate business focusing upon the new licensee.  I will outline the steps necessary to obtain listing and buyer representation and how to overcome the lack of experience and sales history.  Also, one of the limiting factors for most new licensees, is their failure of rejection.  It's a REAL FEAR.  In coming blogs and in an upcoming video service, I will walk the new licensee through the process of overcoming rejection.  Stay tuned!

John Conlon, J.D.


West Coast Realty