Need New Business in 2019?

Grumpy Old Broker

Hello Agents!

A new years brings more challenges for real estate agents.

Every agent needs an effective Marketing Plan.

Starting over every year gets old when you don't have an effective Marketing Plan.  

For over 30 years the Grumpy Old Broker has developed different plan with dubious results.  

But, what if you, as a real estate agent, had and effective and easy marketing plan that can be implemented and repeated to acquire a significant amount of business?

The Grumpy Old Broker has developed a repeatable Marketing Plan that provides for 10 commissionable events in 4 months of effort.  Yup, after 4 months, you repeat the plan and so on....

I want to share this plan with 5 other agents seeking new business and seeking an effective Marketing Plan.

My goal is to provide a repeatable plan so that agents can forecast their incomes and simplify their marketing.  the 10 in 4 Marketing Plan fulfills this goal.