How Are You Different?

Grumpy Old Broker



It's a new year for Realtor's which means about 419,000 licensee are looking to find new business in Calfironia.  Wow!  Yes, many licensees  will never participate in a transaction but the larger point to be made is: Realtor's better be great marketers because the only thing they can market is themselves.

This brings to mind the daunting question:  How are you different from the other thousands of licensees trying to capture the same business you are?

This concept of being different is application of the marketing policy of Differentiation.

Have you every wondered how some Realtors get repeat business?

It's not difficult to answer.....they separate themselves from all other Realtors in their market. How they differentiate themselves is the secret sauce of this business.  

Many agents mistakenly believe that because "they like" real estate that this will convert to acceptability by the selling public or buyers.  Not true.

As a broker for over 23 years and an agent for over 40, I have prepared mulitple marketing plans for agents that have had dubious results.  I too failed to consider how my services or my agents provide anything different that the other many thousands of licenees also provide.

So, how can you differentiate yourself that will have a meaningful difference?  Over the years I have tested many different paths to new business.  A quick review shows that they are equally relevant in today's market.

Every agent charges the basic same commission.  Maybe this is a discriminator and should be reviewed.

Every agent provides a CMA that is uneventful and bland.  Maybe providing a more detailed market analysis make you stand out from the masses.

Every agent provides a nice shiney brochure that lists all the services to be performed, just like every other agent.  Maybe there's a different way to present your plan.

Every agent presents the listing in the MLS and their company website.  Maybe you can show how your marketing program provides further targeted exposure.

Every agent puts down a sign in the yard.  Maybe using additional digital information from the signage make you different.

Do you revise your Commission?  Sometimes the market forces such a change but is it a discriminator to acquire new business?

Hopefully you get the do you differentiate yourself from other agents???

I have found several but small discriminators that seller's find very interesting and sets me apart from all other agents.

I know from many prior transactions that sellers complain about agents not communicating with them about their listing. 

So, to be different from all other agents......I ANSWER THE PHONE!  Apparently this is a new and different concept in real estate but my customers love it.

Next, my past customers complain that when they have a question the agent is not working??  To solve this complaint and to better serve my customers, I pledge to my customers that I will answer the telephone between 6:00am to 10:00pm unless with another client.  I cannot tell you how my customers love access to me and how different this small thing from all other agents.

Finally, my past customers complain that they never hear from their agent and never get any information on showings and market data that is affecting the home.

To resolve this problem, my brokerage mandates a Tuesday morning meeting where every listing is reviewed, sales interest captured, marketing program reviewed, and a review of the property market area.  This is then placed into a Weekly Status Report that is provided to the Seller.  The seller's love this feedback rather than a phone call with excuses.  

Anyway, your marketing program should also adopt the concept of differentiation to be effective.  We have developed what I believe is the most effective Realtor marketing plan that is easy to understand and is very effective.

If you are interested in the Marketing Plan that Works, click here.