Have You Thought About your Short-term Future?


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As a working Realtor in this environment, Do you Need a Marketing & Sales Plan?

Depends.  As your broker reminds you often, you are a independent contractor and operate as a separate business.  The message they are giving you.....your success is only dependent upon your ability to succeed!

Well, most Realtors do not have a comprehensive business background before they jump into the commission based business of real estate sales.

Yes, many new Realtors have experience "in business" but I suggest that being an independent contractor "running" a business presents a different proposition.

Every well managed business operates to a Plan of Action.  This takes place in various budegets, marketing & sales plan and other considerations.

As we start the new year, every Realtor should have or will in the near future, sit down and contemplate the direction of their business.

What should you consider as you start your planning as a Realtor?

The life blood of every business is cashflow and new business.  As a Realtor, your cashflow projections are the result of real estate sales and purchase transactions that have transaction periods in excess of 30 days.  How do you forecast your business?

As you analyze your current business and that pending, you must develope a plan to capture new business.  If you have more than 10 years of experience in real estate, you have proven that you can identify new business and succeed.  But, if you are new to the industry and have to compete with experienced Realtors, your planning is more important and vital than ever.

I have been a real estate licensee for over 40 years and have run my own brokerage for almost 25 years and I take a significant amount of time to analyze the market and how I fit into the current environment.  Developing a Marketing Plan that makes you different from the other 419,000 California licensees, is vital.

After preparing and implementing liteally 10's of different Marketing Plans, I finally developed a plan several years ago that I have proven to be effective.  This plan is called the 10 in 4 Plan which provides for 10 commissionable events in a 4 month period.  Once complete, all you do is repeat the process throughout the year.  It Works!

If you are interested in discussing this plan....please email me or sign up for a copy.