As a Realtor, Do You Have a Target Market?

Realtors around the country have to maintain a funnel of new leads in order to stay alive in this business.

 Lead acquisition, a whole different story, must take place all year, every year.  

Some Realtors perform what I refer to as linking marketing where you identify and capture a lead opportunity, fail to nurture the other leads and while you are working a bona fide lead, your marketing efforts are ignored.  

Then, after the deal is done, the Realtor re-initiates the lead capture process.  I don't have to tell you that this is both inefficient, but leaves thousands of $$ on the table.

But, before we initiate lead capture activities, we must identify the market we are targeting.  

Many believe that identifying a local farm is a targeting event.  But, when every other agent identifies the same farm, can you rely on this type of target marketing to gain new business.  

Don't forget, you hold a license just like many thousand other agents to don't think the farm you have identified is not also the farm of another agent.

When I speak of target marketing, I tend to dive deeper and wider in the market area to establish a target market for my services.  

First, what services to I provide that real property owners require.  

How often do they need my service?  What are the demographics of my perfect customer or customers?

These basic questions must be answered before you can identify the "where" in the target marketing equation.  

I have written on how to identify your perfect customer and have developed planning and marketing tools to get your availability before the customer that want and need your services.

I will outline in further detail the Marketing Plan that I have developed to easily and efficiently identify the customers that need your service.  

Future reference will be made to the 10 in 4 Marketing Plan that, when implemented, will reap 10 commissionable events withing a 4 month period of time.  

This plan is then repeated and repeated to capture allot of new business and plenty of commissions.

Stay tuned for more information.