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How Homes Sell in the Off Seasons

Many sellers treat winter like some hibernating animals – they too, hibernate and wait for spring and summer to list their homes. And while there are also likely to be fewer buyers in the cold winter months, one advantage winter sellers have is there is less competition. It's a common belief  you sell in the summer, and I can see ehy- who wants to move when it's cold and snowy? About 40% of available buyer! For many, it's just a matter of timing. Leases end. People transfer. 

This lack of competition is called a Seller's Market. I've compiled a few ideas to make your home stand out and help that process.   

  • Shovel and salt often- First Impressions is always important. And SAFE in the wintertime.
  • Keep it warm- no one "feels it" when all the feel is a chill in the air.
  • Maximize lighting- Dark is a drab feeling, and no one wants to buy drab. Keep the shades up.
  • Have clean windows- Eliminate that filthy feeling and wipe them streak free. They DO look!

  • ​Set the mood with music- Use your TV and leave a Music Channel playing, softly.

Remember to be the Buyer before you sell your home- and that's what great Brokers do, the plan, the finalize, and THEN the marketing begins. Capturing the opportunity quickly can happen, but it just isn't because it's listed- it's because it's listed correctly.

For more ideas, let's have coffee. Appointment can be set directly with me. Just call 317-86-EXIT-1