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Do You Have a Virtual Tour of Your Home?


Something I’m doing more and more these days are virtual tour videos, and the reason is simple: They make your listing stand out within your neighborhood.

Most home buyers start their search online, and 99% of them start with the MLS listings. FYI, the MLS provide the standard slideshow of photos. Pictures are definitely important, but just think about the impact you can make by walking a potential buyer through your home from the comfort of their own.


You can do this by making your house video and upload it on YouTube. Once you’re done, get out there and let everyone know you’ve got a fabulous house for sale and they can view it at any time! Spread the word through Facebook—and by that I mean you can post it on your own page but also make sure that you post it on the the Facebook page for your town, city, or area too.

A lot of communities also have specific pages dedicated to buying and selling houses. Never underestimate the role social media can play when it comes to selling your home.


Let me know when you’re available and we’ll schedule a time to sit down and go over these and the other ideas I have to really get things moving. It’s a great time to sell, and I’d be happy to help.

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