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Generate Interest & Start A Bidding War...

I had a chat with a colleague about the selling strategies that seem to be really hot right now so, I thought you might be interested in learning about that. I know how eager you are to sell your home quickly.


One strategy that I’ve found very effective can really start a bidding war on your home; something that I would personally love to see happen. (And I’m sure you would, too!) In a nutshell, I have basically been recommending to some of my clients that they lower their asking price — not by a lot; perhaps just by $25,000.

When a very nice house such as yours is placed for sale at a neighbo rhood where other houses are selling for less, people are apt to bypass yours and head straight to the other ones. But if you lower your asking price to match the other homes listed in that neighborhood, you will have more potential buyers coming through and taking notice of how nicer, roomier, or more functional yours as compared to the others in the same price range.

What happens next?

You get multiple buyers wanting the house and who are willing to bid against one another for it. I can’t tell you how many times this strategy has actually got my clients to the price they originally wanted to list their home at and all because they made a slight adjustment to their asking price.


Let me know when you are available so that we can get together and talk about this and the many other ideas I have to get your home on the market and sold fast. I’m looking forward to talking with you again.