Modern Materials Replacing Granite Counter Tops

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countertopFor decades, granite has reigned as the king of countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. But it appears that granite’s esteem has come to an end. New materials such as recycled glass and concrete are taking over the throne.

If you are looking to add some character to your kitchen or bath, you may want to look into recycled glass surfaces. These countertops are durable, eco-friendly and absolutely stunning in appearance. Made from pigmented epoxy resin and recycled materials (vivid stained glass, porcelain, mirror and mother of pearl), the color possibilities are endless. New production techniques make this material as affordable as granite, allowing for use in multifamily projects.

“Glass Recycled gives the designer the luxury of a custom product without the cost that traditionally accompanies this type of service.  The versatility of the materials adapt to a wide demographic and uses with the large selection of color capabilities,” explains Chelsea Dora-Shibley, senior interior designer for HPA Design group.

For a modern look, concrete countertops add an industrial flare while still maintaining elegance. These surfaces are scratch and heat resistant (if properly sealed) and you can customize the color, shape, pattern, texture and edge style.

countertopBoth traditional and contemporary, stainless steel works in almost any kitchen. Since it is metal and nonporous, is naturally hygienic and does not require a sealant. Stainless steel is super low-maintenance; just clean with soap and water following the grain of the metal.

Although often thought of as timeless, granite is prone to staining and its porous surface can harbor bacteria. Another major frustration has been that the product installed does not match the product ordered. This happens because granite is a natural stone product and one end of a quarry can have significantly different patterns and colors than the other end.

With the numerous complaints, it is plain to see why so many people are making the switch to more consistent and resilient materials. Kitchens are the heart of the home and should express your individual personality. With so many surface options available on today’s market it is easier than ever to make a unique and affordable countertop the soul of your kitchen.

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