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Bremerton Top 10 LIberty Bay Books

I will drive 100 miles for a good bookstore.  Thankfully, Liberty Bay Books opened up shop on Pacific Ave a couple years ago and is saving me a ton of money in gas.  We were so excited when they moved in, I remember it was at Halloween because I was setting up the haunted house for the Trick or Treat Street event next door.  Liberty Bay Books is a local independantly owned bookstore.  They are everything you'd want in a bookstore;  interesting selections, comfy chairs, author events, story time for the little ones and so much more.  They have become a part of the fabric of our downtown Bremerton business district.  Located at the intersection of Pacific and 4th across from a popular coffee shop they are the heart of downtown Bremerton.  They also have the best used book cart in town.  Don't pass up your next opportunity to stop by and see Kate, sometimes she organizes fun events in the evening around town.  You should really like Liberty Bay Books Bremerton Facebook page as well, her posts are fantastic.

Liberty Bay Books is the ideal bookstore to be downtown Bremerton.  Independant, interesting and comfortable.