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Bremeton Top 10 Elixer Fixer


What is an Elixer Fixer you ask.  Elixer Fixer is a magical potion of deliciousness that transforms any gathering into a fun party.  Some may say it is a party in a bottle.  Whatever it is you are going to love it.  You'll love how it smells and tastes and then you'll love how much it makes your face smile.  Made right here in Bremerton you should adventure down to lower Manette and discover where Elixer Fixer comes from.  You'll find the adventure starts way before the bottle.  Once you come through the front door you'll find yourself planning your next dinner party.  Of course it's always fun to have friends over but with Elixer Fixer on the menu it also gives you a good reason to try all the magical flavors of this delicious party in a bottle.   Elixer Fixer located at 2117 E 11th St.