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Bremerton 1

sn't that a great picture!  I've worked in Bremerton as a real estate broker since 2007.  I've seen the growth and development of the downtown business district change the landscape of this fine city for 10 years.  It's become a more beautiful city with the addition and improvement of city parks and marinas, local artwork, murals and the investment to restore and preserve historic downtown commercial buildings.  It's become a more comfortable city with local investment from real estate investment, Federal Housing Authorities and Habitat for Humanity to re engage pride in local neighborhoods. 

Working downtown I've been involved with the Downtown Bremerton Association. Downtown Bremerton business owners hold the torch toward revising the glory of the 1950's and 1960's when Bremerton was the epitome of Americana.  They are a tight knit group of young ambitious entrepenuers who work hard to build relationships with thier local government, one another and their immediate neighborhood of customersto reinforce their commitment of revitalilzing Bremerton.  Myself, I have volunteered to coordinate and also produce a number of community wide events; the Halloween haunted house and the St Patrick's Day parade.  Both have given me the opportunity to get to know a number of the business owners and city government officials.  These events are stepping stones toward building a stronger and richer relationship between the downtown business district and neighboring communities.