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Best time of year to sell?

When do you think the best time of year to sell your home is?

Well, part of the answer depends on the type of home.  If it's the kind of home and location that will attract a family with school-age kids, the summer's probably better as most families want to be settled by the start of the new school year in September.  

For the rest of the buying public, the best season might seem counter intuitive.  In my opinion, winter is an ideal time to sell your home.

That's right. Winter.

There are two main reasons why.

1. There is a lot less competition for the limited number of buyers.  While the summer brings out more buyers, it also brings out more sellers.  You will assuredly have more competition between April and August than you will in late fall and through the winter.

Common sense dictates that it makes more sense to sell when there are fewer homes on the market.  Simple supply and demand are on your side.

2. Winter buyers tend to be more serious and commited to the idea of buying a home.  Sure, summer brings out the buyers, but there are a lot of people who amuse themselves by visiting homes that are listed for sale.  These tire-kickers just like to see how other people live.  They will waste enormous amounts of everybody's time.

Buyers who are trudging through the snow are most likely not out shopping for the fun of it.  Most tend to need to buy a home and to do it quickly.  It could be due to a job transfer, divorce or their rental property getting sold out from under them.  

Whatever their reason, they're most likely serious buyers - and your fastest ticket to the selling your home!

Do you have questions about marketing your home?  Contact me any time at 781-470-9111.

PS - I just sold my own home in mid-winter.  We're scheduled to close on February 28 - and I sold it at over 99% of asking price!