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Before selling your property

It is of utmost importance to have clear motives and reasons for moving, how much money expects to receive from the sale and how much you need to pay the mortgage or to purchase a new property and the time that will take you to engage in these activities.

Working with a true professional will provide you with the advice on each of these points.

A common mistake marketers make is to estimate the value of the property based on the prices they are asking residents, i.e. in those properties which have not sold yet. Real estate advisor must be able to supply comparable based on properties that were sold in the last 3 to 6 months

Before selling your home
Prior to sale your home take some important decisions and perform the appropriate action to increase the opportunities to sell the property quickly and at the best price.

Financial decisions:

These financial decisions prior to sale for housing:

1. If you plan to buy another House and have the money from the sale of your current property, include a contingency in the offer. I.e. specify in the contract that the purchase of the home depends on the sale of your current property. If by chance you can not sell your home, you are not obliged to buy the other.

2. ensure that you are eligible for funding if you buy another property.

3. be aggressive in selling price. Don't waste your time offering it at a much higher price which the market can afford. The only thing that can be achieved with this is help its neighbor to sell fast of it!

4. If you are working with a real estate agent, be sure to understand and agree to the compensation plan.

5. take a list of items that you want to sell and a list of those who don't want to sell. There are two reasons to make this list. First, the buyer can assume that there are items included in the sale, such as curtains, lamps or fixed furniture. To avoid complications that could delay the sale, specify what is excluded and what is included in the sale. Secondly, the buyer may be willing to purchase items from your home, such as paintings or furniture. It will take a more objective decision on what you want to keep and what is the value of the goods, if you think about it before being pressed by the sale of the property.

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