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Physical inspections

What is an inspection?

It is an assessment, primarily eye, performed by a professional about the physical condition of the property.

The inspector aims to identify gaps in systems, potential dangers and useful life of the components of a property.

The result of the inspection shall be issued in a report supported with photos and estimate of repairs and/or replacements.

When is it done?

In South Florida, settles one clause in the contract with the period in which the buyer has the right to perform this inspection and make decision. This period is usually between 5 and 15 days.

Why does the inspection?
As seller must take into account the importance of inspections of the real estate transaction will be subject to the outcome of this inspection.

Upon receipt of the report of the inspection the buyer decide, during the period established in the contract, if you wish to continue, cancel, or negotiate the transaction.

So it is of utmost importance the seller to prepare your property to generate a positive result since a certified inspector will assess, among others, the following aspects:

  1. Structure -The basis and the framework of the House.
  2. Exterior -Condition of the sidewalk, ramps, stairs, windows and doors.
  3. Roofing -Keep in mind the age, conditions, drainage systems, condition or State of Texas, gutters, and the State of the chimney.
  4. Plumbing - Examine the supply of water and drainage, water heater, sump pump and fuel storage. The examination will include the pressure of the water, pipes, rust stains and corrosion.
  5. Electricity -Examine the wiring be sure to include service, service panels, switches, disconnectors cables, fuses and plugs.
  6. Heating -The system includes air vents and fireplaces.
  7. Air conditioning -Includes home, equipment and power supply cooling system.
  8. Interior -Check for leaks in pipes, insect damage, water damage and defects in construction, among others.
  9. Ventilation / insulation - The proper insulation and ventilation prevents the loss of energy. Excess moisture results in mold and water damage.

It is recommended to carry out minor repairs and improvements that are at its disposal to avoid a cancellation of contract.


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