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Buy Vs. Rent


  • Possibility of revaluation / added value
  • Possibility of using it for an unlimited period
  • Ability to generate a monthly income through income
  • Possibility to pay the property through the income
  • Responsible for repairs and improvements
  • Freedom of changes in ownership
  • Responsible for property taxes and condo fees
  • Sense of belonging, stability and community.
  • Possibility of deducting expenses of condominium and property taxes taxes
  • Less freedom of moving
  • Possibility of deducting taxes mortgage interest
  • It generates a greater performance than at the Bank


  • Flexibility, ability to move frequently
  • Not responsible for major repairs
  • It allows to have the experience of living in a residential area without ties
  • It is up to the owner to renew for a further period
  • Money spent without construction of heritage
  • Not responsible for costs of condominium and property taxes
  • It has no tax benefits
  • Failure to deduct income taxes
  • Inability to make modifications in the property without permission of the owner
  • Expected annual rise in income

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