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Proper Cleanup Can Minimize Flood Damage

Home and business owners faced with flooding from recent rains should take immediate action to minimize the amount of damage water can cause, says the Institute for Business & Home Safety. As soon as it is safe to do so, disconnect all electronics/electrical equipment and move it to a dry location. Remove as much standing water as possible from inside the building. Begin to remove water-damaged materials immediately. Ventilate with fans and/or dehumidifiers. Acting quickly can increase the chance of salvaging usable materials, reduce the amount of rust, rot and mold that might develop, and limit the likelihood of structural problems. (Source: IBHS)

Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

Proper Clean-up Following Flood Can Reduce Molds and Mildew and Lessen Health Risks (FEMA)

Water Damage  (IICRC)

Reduce Flood Damage to Homes  (IICRC)  [Flood]

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