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Paying Cash for a Property and Proof of Funds - Guide for Buyers

Cash Purchase of a Property

We've written an article that discusses paying cash when buying real estate property and what constitutes a Proof of Funds as well as well as how best to present proof of funds with a cash offer, both from the Buyer's perspective and the Seller's.   Here's a list of the topics covered in the article...

Guide for Buyers
What 'Cash' is NOT
Amass Your Cash
Suggested Steps for Preparing a Proof of Funds (POF) Letter
Ways to Sweeten the Cash Deal
FAQ's about Proof of Funds
What Are the Advantages to Buying a Property With Cash?
Proof of Funds for a Short Sale Offer
Proof of Funds for a REO Sale Offer
Comments/Suggestions by Other Agents about POF Letters
Sample Proof of Funds (POF) Letters
Guide for Sellers

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