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Well-Maintained Yard Linked to Increased Home Value

Nearly every homeowner contemplates ways to increase the value of their home and most of them also spend significant time and money each year creating a beautiful yard. Few people, however, make the connection between the two, not realizing that a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden can improve the value of their home by up to 15 percent.

As part of a new national advertising campaign,
Scotts, a subsidiary of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, is citing third-party research reports to educate homeowners on how a well-maintained yard is one of the simplest ways to enhance the value of their home. The 30-second television commercials ask viewers "can you calculate the value of joy ... of romping with your kids on a carpet of green ... can you put a price tag on having an emerald kingdom all your own"? These questions are answered by mentioning recent studies which show that landscaping can add "up to 15 percent to the value of your home."

News published by various organizations is in agreement that a healthy and beautiful lawn improves home value:

-- According to Money magazine, while remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom may return only 75 percent and 20 percent of its cost respectively, landscaping investments are estimated to return at least 100 percent and up to 200 percent of their costs. [Money magazine, May 2003]

-- A study of 2,000 realtors by Homegain.com found an investment of $500 in lawn improvements would likely yield 400 percent of that total when selling your home. [Homegain.com study, 2000]

-- Ninety-five percent of the members of the Society of Real Estate Appraisers say landscaping adds to property value, while 99 percent agree landscaping increases speed of home sales. [Society of Real Estate Appraisers study, 2002]

"Homeowners make an emotional connection with their home life with a lawn and garden, seeing it as a place where they can not only create beauty, but escape from work and other concerns," said Eugene Sung, senior vice president of Scotts. "Americans are also enjoying their outdoor living spaces more than ever. Consumers today are investing more in their homes than at any other time and more of them also are engaged in lawn and garden activities." These messages are the primary theme of the advertising campaign, "It's Amazing What A Lawn Can Do," which focuses on how a great lawn not only improves the value of your home by up to 15 percent, but also increases the value of every moment you spend on your lawn.

Even in a modest yard, the return on your investment can be substantial. For under $100 and about 2.5 hours a year for the average size lawn, homeowners can create a beautiful, healthy lawn. A few simple tips apply:

-- Feed Your Lawn. Lawns, like other living things, need nutrition. Agronomists suggest feeding your lawn at least four times a year, depending on your location. Products such as Scotts(R) Turf Builder(R) provide the ideal nutrition for northern and southern lawns so you get a thick, green healthy lawn.

-- Mow Your Grass Tall. Set your mower on one of the higher settings. Your grass will thank you by growing deeper roots to match the increased top growth.

-- Solve Problems that Sneak Up. Weeds and tiny insects can get the better of your lawn before you know it. Products such as Scotts(R) Turf Builder(R) with Summer Guard(TM) and Scotts(R) Turf Builder(R) Plus 2(TM) can solve dandelions and other weed problems, while providing deep feeding.



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