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Etiquette for Dining with Others

Eat Out But Don't Gross Out

Mealtime customs and table manners vary from country to country, including use of utensils (which ones, which h
ands, none at all?), table requests (asking for more, asking for condiments, etc.), and thanking the cook. This fun, International Dining Etiquette Quiz will help you assess your knowledge of global dining customs. General areas of cross-cultural dining etiquette to consider in preparation for dining with foreign clients (whether you're hosts or guests), are outlined at Sideroad.com (provides information from topic experts), and include seating, conversation, body language and more. The site also offers specific examples for dining in Japan, Germany, Turkey and the Middle East. Further research can be done for other countries. Bon appetite!

Dining Etiquette in US

International Dining Etiquette

Business Meal Etiquette

Inteview Dining Etiquette

Formal Dining Protocol Tips

Dining With Americans/Canadians

Cultural Dining Guide


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