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Local Legacies - Library of Congress

"For more than a year, Local Legacies teams documented the creative arts, crafts, and customs representing traditional community life; signature events such as festivals and parades; how communities observe local and national historical events; and the occupations that defined a community's life. More than three-fourths of Congress and 4,000 Americans have been a part of this once-in-a-lifetime project.

"Almost 1,300 Local Legacies projects--from all 50 states, the trusts, territories, and District of Columbia--were registered by Congress. Photographs, written reports, sound and video recordings, newspaper clippings, posters, and other materials from close to 1,000 Local Legacies projects have already been sent to the Library to become a permanent part of the collection of the
American Folklife Center. Like a century's-end time capsule, the scenes, sights, and events of everyday America featured in these projects are a testament to the uniqueness of our nation and to the pride of its citizens in their heritage."

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Local Legacies" in our area:

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