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Spring Time Home Maintenance

Spring time home maintenance,

Once spring arrives it is time to declutter and freshen up the inside as well as the outside after a long winter exposure. Here is a few maintenance tips to help get you started.

Clean Gutters and Down Spouts

Starting with out door task. Cleaning your gutters and down spoust is very important to protect your home from water damage.Take extra care around areas with trees.

Inspect Roof and Chimmney

The winter can do alot of damage to your roof. Build of ice and water can create small cracks and wear and tear, which can lead to leaks and loss of heat

Touch Up Peeling and Paint

Help the apperance and preservation of items around your property by taking a look at the paint on things such as fencing, siding, out door furniture etc.

Clean and Set Up Out Door Furniture

Time to dig out all of your patio and yard furniture. If it has been stored over the winter, chances are it needs some TLC. At the very least you should do a quick wash and rinse

Fertilize your Lawn

The wet cold and deep freeze does a number on your yard. Take a look around for dead spots and any where else the grass looks damaged. Make sure you get the correct fertilizer and dont forget to water

Hope you enjoyed these few Spring Time Cleaning tips.